Tweeting a photo timed out


I cant tweet a photo for a 3 days now. It says tweeting a photo timed out. please help


Why is there no answer anywhere on the internet regarding “photo timed out” there is no help anywhere


Can anyone pleassee help me… what’s with the twitter why “photo timed out” keep showing… I cant upload picture because of that… It’s sooo bothersome…


This is becoming v. annoying I’ve tried Safari and Firefox but it doesn’t work on either.


I can’t tweet a picture.


I can’t tweet a pic. this is becoming very annoying. help me…!!! :’(


same here…that means we could not tweet photo for forever!!!


try by upload the image at fb first,then save the image from your fb to your desktop,then upload the saved image on twitter~ Its Works For Me~~~


Hi; always the same problem, twiting my picture is timed out. what’s the solution? i start hatin my twitter
plz, i am waiting your help!!!


Try this solution: Image might be big in size! So, change the picture format into GIF it will reduce the size and would be much smaller I tried that and voila ! Problem Solved No more timed out issue :slight_smile:


I have the same problem.


how to fix this>>> Tweeting a photo timed out…?


This isn’t a bug , reduce the dimensions of the photo you are uploading(I have found anything from 1500 x 1500 to give the error) so my images are usually in the hundreds dimensions , Hope this helps :slight_smile:


More information on the photo_size limit can be found @


But why is the problem popping up in accounts that have been successfully tweeting a range of sizes without any hiccups for some years. My problem came out off the blue 3 days ago


i ttried to tweet with an image it is appearing as blurry.i dnt know why.please help me with this


I found a solution that worked for me. I was trying to post tweets from areas other than “home”. It was only from the “home” area that tweets with photos uploaded no problem. Have a look at my Twitter page to see the pictures that I thought were troublesome - initially not the case as you’ll see from the size and dimensions of them.


I cant tweet a photo. It says tweeting a photo timed out. please help