"tweetId is a required parameter" error



I’m getting a weird situation where the widget load seems to barf on just some tweets.

Specifically over here, where the embedded tweets don’t get styled. When examining the console I see that there’s an error thrown in widgets.js.

widgets.js:9 Uncaught Error: tweetId is a required parameter

At first I thought this might be a side effect of only loading the script when we have an embedded tweet, but it’s working fine over here and here. Just to be sure, I fell back to the standard script tag load and that also didn’t help.


This link doesn’t point anywhere FYI.


I pasted it in w/o the http://, seems like this markdown interp doesn’t like that. Fixed now.


Ah ok. So the issue is that you have some malformed tweet embed code i.e. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"></blockquote> elements without tweet text.

If you remove those, it should solve your problem. Malformed embed code shouldn’t affect the rendering of other widgets though so that’s something we’ll need to fix from our side. Thanks for the report.


Aha! I never would have thought to look for that. Sure enough, once I removed that and fixed another one where the twitter.com anchor had gotten smeared, they started rendering correctly.

I do hope this gets addressed; as it stands all it takes is one malformed quote (apparently the lack of the anchor is the choke point, as another non-blank one was doing it as well) to kill ALL the embedded tweets. On our long blog pages that would be a real mess.

Thanks for the help!

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