TweetFull Using Different Apps?


We’ve had our API access restricted for ‘liking based on keyword search’ which we’re having to learn to accept but it does mean we’re looking at similar applications and see how they deal with these restrictions.

We’ve looked at which baffles us as they do exactly the same as us and seem to have had no issues.

There are other apps which require users to register their own application.

Then there’s I set up my account and then connected my Twitter account. I then connected a different Twitter account and noticed it was a different application. Having tried multiple times I noticed it was a different app every-time which they were rotating through.

Is this allowed or are they in complete violation of Twitter’s TOS?


We can’t comment on and compare individual apps from a policy and compliance standpoint here. However, if you are concerned about any app’s use of the Twitter API, you can submit it for review via the platform support forms (use the first option).


OK, I’ll reword it then. Is it against Twitter’s TOS or not to automatically rotate through several different Twitter apps to connect users to Twitter?


Yes, this is completely against the terms of service and actions will be taken against those doing this. Thank you for your report.