Tweeter search API's


Tweeter search API is not retrieving all tweets. was working fine last week but not working now. any changes happen in between?


I’m not aware of any changes. Can you be more specific about what search you’re performing?


Hi Andy,

Thanks for replying, PFB more details,

Code snippet I am using for search API (codebird library PHP)

    $param = array (
    "q" => "#TVat3999",
    "count" => "100" 
    $data = $cb->search_tweets($param, true);

also I am not getting search result for other users on twitter even they have tweeted.

Below is the tweet link for same user with same #tag

Is there any other search api’s or paid api through which I can get all tweets for a particular #tag/Keyword?

Thanks in advance


I can’t comment on individual users or cases, but there are a variety of reasons why one user’s Tweets may not show up in search results. The search API docs state:

Before getting involved, it’s important to know that the Search API is focused on relevance and not completeness. This means that some Tweets and users may be missing from search results.

The two options you have would be to use the streaming API to filter on the terms and users you want; or to use one of the paid products from Gnip.