Due to the new changes to tweetdeck you nee to select accounts one by one in the list of your teamed accounts, I wanted to know if would be against twitter rules to design a script code that would quickly retweet posts onto the accounts of everyone in my team.

Currently, you need to select accounts one by one instead of more than one at time which can be very time consuming. My script code would do the manual tasks of selecting accounts one by one for me.


Anyone know anything about this? I still havent received any help


Interfering with the operation of Twitter’s apps is not something that we support. In particular the reason for removing simultaneous multi-account functionality from TweetDeck was to bring it into compliance with our existing long-standing rules on simultaneous multi-account posting. I do not recommend that you attempt to script this as your accounts are liable to be suspended.


Thank you, I really appreciate this clarification!