TweetDeck - List not embedding


I created a TweetDeck List today and when complete, clicked ‘Embed’.

I got a notification window that I cannot embed without subscribing - “would you like to subscribe?”

I clicked OK. Then, nothing happened, and when going back to the embed button and selecting that, it would loop back to the error window described above.

Help! Why is this occurring? I have completed this process multiple times in the past with no problem… and I actually do not remember the “would you like to subscribe” part.

Help me out! Thanks.


Sounds odd. Unfortunately we can’t offer direct support for TweetDeck or our other client apps on the developer forums here but I’ll certainly let the team know you’re seeing an issue.

An alternative “developer” way to do this would be to visit and paste in the link to the list into the text box there. That will let you do simple configuration of the embedded timeline and give you the code to paste into your page. Hopefully that will work for you and in the meantime perhaps the TweetDeck team will be able to resolve whatever it is you’re encountering.


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