Tweetbutton copies wrong URL to share


I have a real annoying thing going on with the tweetbutton. I copied the code for the tweetbutton to my website to use my page-URL when people want to share my page.

Now, what happens is this: the page title, hashtag ect is used as it should be, but the URL it uses is broken.

If people hit the share button on this article:
They get this URL in their share-window: http://fuzz-mag.bede-nieuwe-myspace-onder-de-loep

As you can see, the part of “/nieuws/4419/” disappears for some unknown reason. This is really annoying and especially for a news-website, as people share a dead-end-link in this way.

Anyone who could help a poor guy like me out?



Found a solution: set a base url in my settings.php file:

$base_url = ‘’; // NO trailing slash!


Appearantly, the above solution did not work. It seems to occur randomly. Sometimes the link shows correctly, other times it’s still a broken link. Anyone can point me in the right direction to find a solution?