Tweet with Image URL



Currently I am calling “statuses/update” method to tweet with image or video path. It will upload image to twitter. causes time consumption issue.

But I have CDN URL of image and video’s and I want to embed/link these url with tweet API.
Is it possible to tweet with image URL or video URL instead of upload path?

I just wanted to use image as link in tweet API call?


You can post a link to an image in a Tweet, but it would not be rendered inside the Tweet. If you want the image to show in the Tweet, you’ll need to upload the image to Twitter directly via the media/upload endpoint and then add it to you Tweet on statuses/update.


Hi ingleshirish,

Can you please share your code that how you are tweeting with image. if looking for the same code but did not find any example to tweet with image.

Any help will be highly appericated.