Tweet web intent opening blank popups or a blank page with a "Continue" link


We are using the Twitter widgets.js SDK to trigger some web intent links for users to Tweet a pre-populated message. We’ve noticed that on desktop Chrome and occasionally in other browsers, the Web Intent will pop open a blank page. Clicking the link again will pop open a blank page with a “Continue” link.

The blank page seems to be dropping a cookie:

  document.cookie = "app_shell_visited=1;;path=/;max-age=30";

Any ideas what is triggering this behavior? shows a blank page with a “Continue” link
Tweet web intent opening blank popups or a blank page with a “Continue” link

Hi @igowerf,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Can you provide a link to the page where this is happening, and the browser/operating system you’re using so we can investigate this further?



I have the same issue by simply accessing my account (this one) on my Mac, using the website. It started a few weeks ago.

Most of the times it appears when I try to reach the notifications section. I actually just tried to go to the page and got it again, see:

I am on Mac 10.11.6 El Capitan / Safari 11.1



I don’t mean to hijack this thread in any way, but I have noticed the same problem using just Tweetdeck while opening a link to a profile page for example. All of the information the OP provided is the same that I have seen as well along with the cookie and all. It doesn’t always happen, but on occasion it can happen. This certainly is some internal problem with Twitter and not user error or user related problem. Hope this information helps in some way.



I experience the same problem with Firefox…


For anyone experiencing this issue… do you have some sort of plugin that messes with CORS headers (for development purposes)? I can consistently replicate this issue in Chrome on mac using a plugin that intercepts and sets CORS to *. I occasionally forget that I have it on and some sites like Twitter and FB won’t work correctly presumably as a security measure.


Hi all,

Please include your OS, browser, browser version, and any installed browser extensions so we can try to look into this further.



OS X 10.11.6 (15G20015)
Safari 11.1 (11605.
uBlock Origin 1.15.4


More info and steps to reproduce for @igowerf’s issue:
Browser: Chrome
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure you are already logged into Twitter in the browser.
  2. Go to login and submit votes.
  3. Click “CAST YOUR VOTES” button
  4. On the “VOTES ARE CONFIRMED!” page there should be a list of people you voted for. Click on the Twitter icon to share.
  5. Observe a Twitter share pop ups up with a blank page.


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