tweet_volume in trends/place REST API


I have a question regarding the trends/place REST API of Twitter. This API, according to Twitter “returns the top 50 trending topic for a specific WOEID, if trending information is available for it.” Thus it returns a list of trend topic dictionaries with the topic in the name field, all in json format One of the fields returned in the response is the tweet_volume. My question is whether the tweet_volume represents the volume just for that WOEID, or whether this is the tweet volume across all of Twitter.
If the latter, is it possible to get tweet volume for just that WOEID so one can rank the trending topics within a region ?

Here is a sample:

   "created_at": "2015-12-23T10:26:00Z", 
   "trends": [

     "url": "", 
     "query": "%22Mesut+Ozil%22", 
     "tweet_volume": 17195, 
     "name": "Mesut Ozil", 
     "promoted_content": null
   "locations": [
    "woeid": 23424863, 
    "name": "Kenya"


The tweet volume (tweet_volume) for the last 24 hours is also returned for every trend.

GET trends/place

Reading that it sounds like it should be the tweet volume for that trending topic for that place. You could validate though by finding a trending topic that exists in multiple places and if the tweet_volume is the same value for each the value is Twitter wide.