Tweet user from website widget



I’m working on making my company’s site more social media-orientated.

One of the major things I would like to incorporate, is a Twitter-powered support desk.
(Ideally) there would be a floating div that could be expanded, with a Twitter feed displaying tweets from the Support user, and tweets from users wanting help. Users would be able to post a tweet from the widget, and the widget would automatically add the #sitesupport (for example) hashtag to the end, so that it would be displayed on the feed. The posting box would automatically add an @mention to the front.

This example may be a better explanation: (click the ‘questions?’ badge in the bottom left corner of the page).

I’ve looked around for Wordpress widgets that would accomplish this, but found nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:




You can pre-prepare the Tweet Intent and Tweet Button with text but there’s no in-line tweet box that supports your needs at this time. Check out [node:183] and [node:120] for more info on pre-preparing text on these options.


Thanks Taylor, I’ll check that out :slight_smile: