Tweet text + preview url are too long



on the flow of creating campaign I create tweet.
in the tweet.status I put -> “my text up to 130 chars” + preview url of the web card that was created moment before.

I get error - “status is too long” from twitter servers.
My question: how does twitter calculate the length of the status? I was under the impression that URLs are not part of the counts of tweets…


URLs do count toward the tweet’s character limit.

AFAIK, media attachments’ URLs not counting toward the tweet’s length limit has been announced, but it’s not been rolled out yet and a date has not been confirmed:

I’m not sure whether the web card’s preview URL is considered a media attachment but, anyway, it doesn’t apply yet, so you’ll have to use a shorter version of your tweet’s text.


Thank you very much!
Is there someone from twitter to reply with formal answer? in my tests I see that it counts the preview card url - this is how I should play it? 140 - preview card url = myTweetText ?


@manueldelgado has already provided you with the best answer there :slight_smile:. Card URLs do still count towards Tweet length at the moment. We’ll let you know with a broader announcement when this changes.