Tweet text from Tweet button duplicating "Site Title" (from Wordpress Settings) in WP 3.3.1


The tweet text (with link) generated, when you press the Twitter button, is showing the “Site Title” (from the Wordpress Settings) twice. I’m using WP 3.3.1. I’ve tried this with both the standard Twitter button and with the Sharebar plugin. I’ve also tried it with both the Twenty Twelve theme and with Swagger. Is anyone else seeing this ?

Thx for any help…


The Tweet button automatically pulls the title of the current page it is hosted on to populate the default text. You can change this by setting the “text” property, as described on this page:


I know it uses the page title (it displays the page title without a problem.) The problem is that, when you insert the default code for the tweet button (the same code that is in the link you sent above), and then you click the button, it displays the “Site Title” twice.

When I click the Tweet button the result is something like this:

Hello world! | | My-site-titleMy-site-title

Where “My-site-title” is what I entered as Site Title in the WP admin panel’s General Settings. The only “workaround” that I can find at present is to delete the Site Title from the WP general settings completely.

Again, this problem does not appear to be Theme-dependent and the same thing happens with both the default Twitter button and with the Sharebar Twitter button. The best hypothesis I can come up with is that it is either a problem with Wordpress 3.3.1 or a problem with the interaction between WP 3.3.1 and Twitter.


Glenn I have this same problem and would love to hear if you found a solution. Thanks


Me too, i have the same problem




same here


if you change your code to explicitly include the title it resolves the problem. you need to include this line into the standard code offered:

data-text="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>"

so - 發送推文

becomes - 發送推文


can you also do this for the new embedded tweets?


Awesome. @mikestour this solution works perfect.thanks