Tweet silent failure


Started seeing occasional silent failures when tweeting through the API. No error is returned, everything seems alright, but no tweet. App code didn´t change, only started seeing these failures today. Roughly 1 in 10 don´t get through. Anybody else having the same problem?


Is there any error in the HTTP header or response code?


No, there is absolutely nothing. Today it happened to us again. I wrote an article, the feed should go through but it doesn’t. Then I have to check it (which is the first problem I cannot check every article’s feed) and then recreate it. It is done the same way. I go back in the browser, save the article again without changes and it works on the 2nd try…


This sounds like you are using some kind of an API-connected app. Is there a log for it? what is causing the “feed” to post updates to Twitter?


It´s a pretty basic thin client with a .NET server side. The twitter API is called from the server. We´re using the Linq2Twitter library, but it has worked flawlessly in the past. There is a log, but no hint of an error. We get an SSL related exception from time to time but that one is always properly logged and recovered from.


It happens again and again. There is no such a problem with Facebook but we still have to check Twitter after every api feed… :frowning:


Any news???


Hard to diagnose on this side. Your Linq2Twitter app is not reporting any HTTP or API error? Are you able to isolate the code that posts to Twitter and try manually posting an entry using the same API keys with that code? Are there any common patterns with the format of links that fail to post?


Not really :frowning:

There´s no error anywhere, HTTP response is 200. The issue is intermittent and I believe has subsided since we opened the thread, nevertheless I´d like to get to the bottom of this or at least find a way to diagnose this should it happen again. We haven´t been able to isolate a pattern or anything like that.


Nope, it still happens from time to time…


Ok, so still the error is remaining. Yesterday and today we sent about 10 feeds and 2 were not successfully processed by you… It’'s really, really annoying to check every post and article we make. Can you imagine to check all of our current 2711 tweets???


Sorry for this, but ultimately it is not possible to debug without some more information, such as the HTTP or Twitter API response code from the app you are using. How quickly are you posting these updates, do you think there’s a chance your app is being rate-limited?