Tweet share button "bounce" problem,


Hi all,
I am not a developer, just a Twitter user with a problem.
If this isn’t the right place for me I apologise and I’ll just shuffle off into the darkness whence I came…

But if you can help - here goes…

I sell used cameras and use twitter to get the word out.
However, I recently found a nice site where I can upload my own photos/designs and sell them on Tee shirts, caps, mugs etc.
I was able to open a shop there at
I also started a website with yola at!/#!?noCache=true

I had the option to link my shop (first url) to my website (2nd url).
I did this with no problem.

Then I wanted to share a product with a Tweet using the share button on one of my images in the website.
I did this and all was good with a nice little photo of the product etc.
However, when I clicked the link (as a customer would) it took me to the shop and showed me the product for about 2-3 seconds before bouncing me to my website where I could only see my home page with all items showing!

This link should replicate the problem.
The link is taken from my posted tweet.

I spoke to the support guys at spreadshirt (the company who runs the Tee shirt site) but they were unable to offer any real solution apart from using the url link which isnt as visually attractive as the share button tweet.

Hope you can help… (anyone… hello… help)



When I click on the link that you have provided I do see product page and I am not redirected to the home page. Are you still experiencing the issue?


Hi Lana,

Sorry for the delay in responding.
I had recently “unlinked” my website from the shop site as I had had no responses to my question.
This eliminated the problem but because I unlinked my site and the shop site, any changes I make (adding new products etc) does not sync with my site.

I have now “re-linked” my site and shop site to replicate the problem again.

This link from a just posted tweet shows the issue again.

Hope this makes sense and thanks for replying to my plea for help

Kind regards


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