Tweet Search Not Working properly with multiple keywords



I am trying to search user tweets with query string “developer"OR"designer"OR"social media”, but I am getting only those tweets which contain social media phrase, when I remove that space contain keyword(“social media”) then all results retrieve means all tweet which contain developer, designer. Or if i remove space between social media, then result comes out. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem.

My code
$html_str = “developer”+OR+“designer”+OR+“social media”.
$twitteroauth = new TwitterOAuth(YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY, YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET, $user_oauth_token, $user_oauth_token_secret);
$twitter_search_details=$twitteroauth->get(‘search/tweets’, array(“count” => “100”,“q”=>urlencode($html_str),“result_type”=>‘mixed’));


I think the way you want to format the search is like this:

$q = '"developer" OR "designer" OR "social media"';
$twitter_search_details = $twitteroauth->get('search/tweets', array("count" => "100", "q" => $q, "result_type" => 'mixed'));


Thanks for Your Suggestion but this one is not working.


What isn’t working about it? What are you getting and what do you think is wrong about it?

My test resulted in this which contains some tweets with each keyword.

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