Tweet replies and notifications are missing


I built an automatic reply bot on Twitter and at first it seems to work fine. However, after some weeks running, I cannot see the replies from the bot anymore.

Concretely, when I tweet to the bot, I don’t see the reply and notification, but If I log in as the bot, I see all the replies (only the bot can see the replies). For sure, I always include @username at the beginning of replies and use the parameter in_reply_to_status_id. Moreover, my tweet is specific for the bot and nobody has replied to it, so it isn’t a problem with a very large number of replies.

Is that a problem with Twitter platform?



If you repeat the same tweets many times, your account will be flagged. Sounds like that’s what happened to your account


In fact, I normally change the tweet by adding a random 5-letter string, but the main content is kept the same. Do you think Twitter can check the main content?
And how do I know if my account is flagged?


In fact, I had to add a random string at the beginning of the automatic reply to make it work. Twitter is really checking the first part of the tweet.