Tweet previews not showing the correct account avatar




We are using the endpoint and the tweet preview returned shows the correct tweets but with the wrong account avatar. Is it because we are using the wrong account_id? I think even if we chose the wrong :account_id, it should show the account avatar belonging to the tweet.




Hi @alex_coppens,

I think the problem is you’re not selecting the correct “as_user_id” parameter.

You should obtain Twitter Id from the user an put it in the parameter. That works for me!



I am very confused as to why I have to use a user_id parameter at all. It worked though and our caching will take care of the extra requests to get the user_id.


I don’t know if I’m missunderstanding something…

The important thing is, Twitter allows you to create tweet to another users (if the user gives you access).

If you read here:, how to post a tweet, you can see that you also can use “as_user_id” parameter to select the user, so, in concordance to this, twitter ads api allows you to preview a tweet with an specific user.

This may be helpfull for you