Tweet preview using Public API



I use Public API. I allow my users to tweet from my application and I would like to give them final look before publishing. Can I do it using only Public API or even without it? Will appreciate any comments.


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Since you’re not creating the actual tweet, just showing a preview you can’t exactly use the Tweet embed functions - but you can emulate that - grab the CSS and html and modify it your self? You could show an example tweet you tweeted your self using and maybe replace the avatar and and name with “you” or something generic when displaying it (not sure if that’s against the rules though)

If you already have a user logged in and have their details, you could use their avatar and name in this “preview” - but again - i’m really not sure if that’s against display guidelines (showing “tweets” that don’t exist) - kinda like

The tweet button may be an alternative, it doesn’t show a preview, but also doesn’t require much work:


Thank you for moving my question to more relevant section.

The user is adding comment to existing tweet.
User writes a comment in input field and after hitting ‘save’ the application adds a url of commented tweet. It creates new comment like tweet.

Best option for me would be something like template with option to add content and then let “//” do the job by rendering the tweet.