Tweet preview problem on multiple images




We have a problem with tweet preview using “accounts/:account_id/tweet/preview” endpoint.
We include up to four images in media_ids parameter but preview only shows one.

Before this was working. What happened now?

Please help us.

Regards, Aleksander


Could you please share with us a twurl request that we can use to recreate this behavior you are seeing?


GET accounts/18ce545gvch/tweet/preview


‘status’ => ‘Multi img’
‘as_user_id’ => 132242064
’media_ids’ => ‘692272357461860352,692272361895280641,692272367939272704,692279254298423296’
‘account_id’ => ‘18ce545gvch’


Equivalent using twurl:

twurl -H "/0/accounts/18ce545gvch/tweet/preview?status=Multi+img&as_user_id=132242064&media_ids=692272357461860352,692272361895280641,692272367939272704,692279254298423296"

We’ll look into this :slightly_smiling:



And in preview is only one image (first one).


Pictures in first call were strange.

Another call here:
twurl -H “/0/accounts/18ce545gvch/tweet/preview?status=Multi+img&as_user_id=132242064&media_ids=692313484651053057,692319074043465730,692319079147896832,692308950310477824”


Yup, I can confirm that. We’ll look at this issue internally - thanks for reporting it.


This issue has been fixed and previews of Tweets with up to 4 images should work as expected.


it’s not working for 3 images :slightly_smiling:


A twurl example would be much appreciated… :slight_smile:


twurl -H “/0/accounts/18ce545gvch/tweet/preview?status=Multi+img&as_user_id=132242064&media_ids=697357866500489217,697358071639711746,697358239755866112”

Only web preview is not working.