Tweet posted through the API grabbing wrong Twitter Card image *Solved*


I don’t see a way to delete my question, so I’ll edit it to say it’s no longer an issue. When i posted my question here I quoted two tweets, and the way they were displayed differently led me to find a problem in my API script I had overlooked, so my problem is solved.

I have a PHP script that allows me to post tweets through the API. This week I noticed that tweets pointing to a page on my website were grabbing the wrong image for the Twitter card. I ran the card validator, and it’s now showing the right image, but the API tweets still show a different image. The strange thing is, if I post the same tweet text and link through the website interface, the proper image is shown.

These links are for two tweets I posted one right after the other, this first through the API with my PHP script, the second copying the same text into the tweet box on the website.

My question is, does the API use a different image cache for Twitter Cards than the website, and if so, how do I update it so tweets sent through the API have the proper image? Thanks!


Okay, cancel the question! As I posted it here, the way the tweets were displayed differently led me to the answer I needed, which was that my script was inserting an incorrect image and not loading the Twitter Card like I was thinking. I’ll see if I can close the questions since I have my answer.