Tweet on behalf of OAuth'd user



My app allows users to log in with Twitter and authorise posting with read/write access.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to how I can post an update to a user’s stream from a node/express server?

Obviously I am a noob - there’s no arguing that - but I have spent some hours trying to find examples or solutions to no avail.

The closest I have come is that I require consumer_secret, consumer_key (both fine), access_token (fine), access_token_secret (not fine and I shouldn’t have anyone else’s other than mine). Obviously this allows me to post as me, but not anyone else.

I’m sure this is a trivial issue for someone on here and leveraging their experience would really help this chronically inexperienced person.



You need all four tokens to post as someone else. The oAuth process gives you everything you need.


Urgh. Thank you Paul.

And thank you for replying; I always had access to the secret but wasn’t capturing it. The tutorial I was following didn’t take it either. Then I read in a couple of places that you should never share your access_token_secret so I assumed that I shouldn’t have other people’s even they are auth’d.

Simple answer but much appreciated.