Tweet not showing thumbnail


(Sample Tweet)

However the rest of the summary looks great!

URL validated just fine, and did include a thumbnail on the example.

Any ideas on what I did wrong?


The thumbnail is displayed on iPhone.
It’s probably just that the image is too small.


I have this problem too:

To test:

@vincentisambart i have image 100x100(it’s
larger than 60x60, and less 120x120)


That is what I don’t understand. The post that the tweet referenced is here:

and that image is 273X450px when opened in a new tab.

Is it something that Buffer is doing maybe? Or am I wrong and the source image needs to be larger. I did check in several browsers and the only thumbnail I see is my avatar but I also do not have an iphone, only a desktop.


Apologies for the confusion.

In a practical sense, 120x120 worked for me; < 120x120 did not. I think it’s safe to say that a 120x120 or higher res image is recommended.

I will update the docs to reflect this, and talk to our engineering team on whether there is more nuance here.

Thanks for the post, and apologies for the delay!


When you open the source on that page, it says the image (specified by twitter:image:src) is the following:

The image you’re seeing is:

If you can point the tag to the large image, it should work fine.

I’m not sure how blogspot does things, but the s72-c versus s640 gives some indication of possible resizing/cropping based on the URL.


Grrr, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It appears that Blogger has a hardcoded size of 72X72 for thumbnails. I’m searching for a workaround for that without much success but atleast now I know what to look for.



I’m having the same issue with every single one of my tweets that link back to our blog:

Sample tweet 1: ( image size 440x293
Sample tweet 2: ( image size 440x293

Any idea why?


Your file blocks access to the /media/ folder where your images are located. Read our troubleshooting documentation.


I am having problem sharing job postings from my website. All of a sudden twitter stops from displaying my company logo in the shared link. Hope you could help me with this.