Tweet not returned in search api


Hi, i am doing this call:

and the api don’t return this tweet:

and i think it should because satisfies the query passed in api call.

I need to know why this tweet is not returned from API.

Thank you.


That is strange. I’d like to know too. Even removing the count and either the max_id or the since_id gives odd results. It always stops before or after the range of id’s near yours.


Hello @TestChrysalis and @boxnumber03,

Please note that Twitter’s standard search service APi is not meant to be an exhaustive source of Tweets. Not all Tweets will be indexed or made available via the search interface.

Please consider upgrading to our Premium APIs for a more complete set of results.


I’m looking at the Premium API Pricing page here, and there is no pricing. Where do I go to get Premium?


@boxnumber03 - Here you go:

And you can apply at this link:


I did not see a price. Is the price negotiable?
Also, I am not permitted by my company to sign the Terms of Service. Who would we contact at Twitter to get more info and possibly sign with, get pricing, etc?

Also, I did apply for Premium for myself (not for my company) some time ago and never heard back. Does that mean I was not approved? Is there a way to get feedback so that I know what the status of my application is?


The pricing is visible as you click to Select the Premium plan on the right (NB this is not you signing up for it, but it will show you the pricing tiers).


Thank you @LeBraat and @andypiper!

One last question about pricing…For Sandbox usage, does the free 50 requests “PER PERIOD” mean 50 free requests per month?


Correct, per billing period, note that in the paid tiers, more Tweets are available per API calls, too.