Tweet me


I’m making a program in Visual Basic 2013. This program is a Reminder Program that will help me remember events and to-do on a specific dates and times. I have short term memory problems (not from any type of drug use) and this program will help with that. What i’m wanting to do is have the program not only just pop up and say “you have to do blah blah blah”, i would also like for to tweet me since i’m on Twitter 99% of the time anyhow. When this program is completed, i would like to share it with others so they can enter their twitter username and the program will tweet them their reminders.

I have it nearly done, and i beg; i’m truly on my knees begging for someone to code this part for me because i have no idea what i’m doing when it gets complicated. I only know so much because i have a hard time learning now due to the short term memory loss. If i learn something new, by the next day i have already forgot how to do it, it’s that bad!