Tweet Limits


In the rules, say Twitter daily limit is 1000, but this account
normally, I get to number 200 and I’m blocke, it happens
more than once a day, every day


Please, I want to see if this is a prolbem, because is very nuisance


The limits are further broken into roaming windows throughout the day, with a grand daily total possible of 1,000.


it happens also to me! what’s the solutuion


There isn’t a solution. The reason why you have these limits is because of spam, chain messages, etc. There is no way to bypass this, apart from keep within the limits.


Ai como está desanimado aqui hoje , rs.


Twitter: i really need @AfghanClick user name; the user is inactive since last year that I’m checking. I have a Web page with this name that will be using this for my website follower in Twitter :slight_smile: