Tweet Limit/Automatic Replies


Hi Twitter Developers

I am running a two day competition using twitter as an entry portal. Users enter this competition by tweeting me and including a specific hashtag in the tweet. I plan to automatically reply to these tweets using the twitter API with a message along the lines of, “Thank you for entering, your ref # is 123”. I am expecting roughly 600 entries per day, only one entry is allowed per person.

My question has two parts: firstly does this violate twitter’s rules and regulations, does this classify as spam and is my account likely to be blocked? Secondly according to the documentation, a user is only allowed to post 2400 tweets(updates) per day so roughly 100 an hour. Is there anyway to exceed this limit? How do the companies send out so many tweets?

Thank you!! Any help or guidance is much appreciated,



We have a bunch of rules around auto response campaigns, so take a good look at them.

In general, posting many Tweets with a similar format may result in Botmaker (our anti spam technology) marking your account as spammy / suspending the account requiring phone number verification, so be careful there. Your account may also not show up in the search index.

You’re correct about the posting limits of 2400 Tweets per day. This can sometimes be higher in the cases of verified brand accounts, which may explain why you’re seeing higher numbers on some accounts. It doesn’t sound like you need to exceed this limit anyway if you are expecting 600 entries per day.

In general, I’d repeat that you should read through the Developer Policy and Agreement carefully and the Automation guide I’ve linked above - it is very hard to say whether or not you’ll definitely hit a road bump here; the guidance is to avoid spammy and noisy apps which would be a poor user experience.


Thank you Andy for such a quick reply! I shall give the documentation a thorough read.