Tweet JSON doesnot contain individual entities under the "entities" object


The JSON Tweet object I am getting back looks like :
text=‘actual Italian poster for …’,
userMentionEntities=[UserMentionEntityJSONImpl{name=‘The NYC Film Chick’, screenName=‘TheNYCFilmChick’, id=460361029}],

As you can see, urlEntities, hashtagEntities etc are NOT under an “entities” object.

Earlier it used to list individual entities like Hashtags, user_mentions etc under an “entities” object, so it used to look like:
“text”: “Four more years.”,
“entities”: {
“hashtags”: [],
“symbols”: [],
“urls”: [],

The documentation still looks the same, Did something change?



The documentation is correct and nothing particular has changed on [node:127].

What you are looking at here is not the raw output from the API but instead a Tweet object produced by the library you are using, which is why it is not proper JSON.