Tweet Intent event binding works for standard Tweet button, not custom link



I am attempting to bind an event callback when a user tweets. I am trying to do this on a custom link.

Binding works on the regular tweet button, but do not work on my custom button.

For an example, view source on this page:

Both links should make an alert when clicked, and also when a tweet occurs.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?




Events are not supported on custom links, sorry.


Is there any plan to support them in the future?

Edit: I wish to do the following flow: Have a user click on a custom link to tweet, and upon successful completion, get redirected to another page. Just so I am clear, there is currently no way to do this?


It was supported until a week ago right? I had a working event binding to a custom link but it suddenly stopped working on december 7th.


There’s a bug right now where in some cases the events are not fired on custom links-- should have it fixed up soon.


That’s great news!

Just to clarify for my own sanity, as it seems you and @kurrik are saying different things. Events are supported on custom links? Or they are not?


@kurrik was mistaken – you’ll have access to web intents events when everything is working correctly and you’re using our widgets.js


Fantastic, thanks! Looking forward to it, @episod


Yeah, sorry about that. I got custom links confused with the iframe widgets.


No problemo


This should now be resolved. Sorry for the trouble!

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