Tweet index limits


Endpoints such as statuses/user_timeline will only return up to 3,200 tweets, which appears to be the same for favorites/list, and statuses/mentions_timeline is only 800; I’m just wondering if there are any plans to increase these limits? I found this topic but this is from 2011; I’d have hoped that infrastructure would have improved since then to relax these limits a bit?

It’s similar to the search API; I can find my tweets from 2009 using the advanced search on, but not via the API. These tweets must be indexed for this to be returned so quickly, and I can have nearly 16k tweets emailed to me in my archive in a matter of minutes, so are they intentionally limited by the API for any reason other than scalability?

The reason I ask is I’m building a stats tool for tweets/mentions/retweets/favourites etc, and while I can get people to import their archives for their entire tweet history, other data is harder to load in. For example, with two users with over 7,000 and 8,000 favourites respectively, the 3,200 limit doesn’t even go back to 2014, which is rather frustrating and in some sense makes it not worth bothering with at all which is a shame.

I am aware that Gnip has complete indexes of every tweet, and may be of use, however I’m unable to afford the minimum-term contract of $12,000 for a year.

Basically I’m just hoping that we may be able to access more than 3,200 tweets and favourites and 800 mentions soon. Rate limits aren’t an issue as I’d only need the mass import once per-user, but even a realistically-priced paid tier for API access would be better than limiting it to a count that, at Twitter’s current size, is pretty small.

Cant get all favorite tweets by rest api