Tweet history


For my application I want to datamine historical tweets. Can someone tell me what is the present policy on available history of tweets of both myself and my friends.


You can use statuses/user_timeline to retrieve 3,200 tweets, replies, and retweets into the past for a specific user. The Search API goes back about a week in time. Please be respectful in making your requests by following rate limits, not over-parallelizing your requests, and using since_id whenever possible.


What about older tweets? I run a twitter account with over 25,000 tweets going back four years. It would be very useful to mine the full extent of the account, and expose this functionality to visitors of a web site. Given that I have been backing up the account to a private database (originally created for the purpose of both archiving and privately searching it, not to mention reducing calls to Twitter), is it acceptable to publicly display tweets from this database? Either those past the 3,200 limit, or all of them (it seems impractical to have to query two sources to retrieve such a list, when one would suffice)? As long as all tweet display and functionality guidelines are met, is this allowable?

Any information you can also share about future access to an account’s entire history would be most welcome! For me, it’s the biggest missing feature in Twitter.


If you have the tweet IDs and/or tweet objects, you’re free to display them if they conform to the TOS and display requirements. I would recommend using statuses/show on them regularly of them to verify their continued existence though – especially for any retweets the account may has done in the past.


Thanks, epizod. My tweets are no longer in the phantom zone!


I see the same question being asked over and over - “how do I delete old Tweets” - I NEVER see an answer to this question - what do I need to do to delete mu old tweets? I can do one at a time, but this would take forever. I just need to be directed to a site, application, whatever, that will delete them all.
Thanks for any help.