Tweet & history limits in collections



this one was hard to search for, I tried “collections limits” “collections max tweets” “collections history limit” etc and didn’t find anything useful.

Basically I have collections, and I’m starting to wonder if there will ever be a point where the collection gets too long, both in the number of tweets added and the amount of time covered, for people to follow it all the way back to the beginning. So say I have a collection to which I have been adding relevant tweets since late 2016 - will there ever be a time like in 2018 where people looking through the collection on or via the embedded timeline won’t be able to look all the way back to the tweets that were added in late 2016?


Are there any limits I need to be aware of? Anyone know?


I’m not aware of any limitation on time / number of Tweets in a collection. There is a limit to the number of collections that an account can create.

Edit: updating my previous answer. There is a limit on the number of Tweets in a collection per the documentation:

A collection will store up to a few thousand Tweets.


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