Tweet Hashtag Button / Web Intents - Is there a way to check what has been tweeted?


I am currently working on a webapp that triggers a coupon if the user tweets the #hashtag of the promotion. I’m using the TFW #hashtag button and I can get the tweeted event from web intents, but is there a way that I can check if the user actually tweeted the #hashtag? or what what the text of the tweet? I know I can pre populate the text, but after the box open the user can delete everything including the #hashtag.

If that is not possible via web intents (which based on what I read so far doesn’t seems like) is there another mean to do it?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Kaue,

The Web Intents events don’t return the specific Tweet that was created because your site isn’t authorized to know who the user is, and that information would explicitly identify them.

If you need to know the specific Tweet then you’ll need to set up a more complex integration with OAuth to create the Tweet, and get the user’s permission.



Ben, thank you very much for the input, I’ll go the OAuth route then :slight_smile: