Tweet feed has vanished. Has the API code changed?


Our API tweet feed that was fine all year has suddenly disappeared. Settings are all the same.

Tweet feed has vanished. Has your API code changed?

We’re using this:

437 jQuery(document).ready(function($){
438 $.getJSON('’, function(tweets){
439 $("#twitter").html(tz_format_twitter(tweets));
440 }); });



We recently retired API v1, which includes unauthenticated access to methods like this. See this FAQ for more info:



Hi there,

Crapola and enromous hells bells. We will have to change code on 133 html pages.

So. Our platform developer says “Twitter widget is now on Twitter API 1.1, unfortunately Twitter is not that easy now to include on your website, you need to have API keys (similar to Facebook). To get the access keys you need to sign in and create an application on the Twitter Developer Site. Once your application is created Twitter will generate your Oauth settings and access tokens.”

Here I am on the twitter dev site. I have searched high and low and don’t understand where on earth to get the Oauth settings and access tokens. Where specifically the heck do I get them (in a language that a laywoman can understand)?

Please don’t let my warm, fuzzy feelings toward twitter die.

Thanks in advance,


*** By “create an application” WHICH app are we creating and WHERE?


If you’re wanting to embed timelines on your site using Javascript and HTML, you wan to work with [node:10248] (documentation linked there). To create those widgets, you do so on at – you’ll then get code you can copy and paste (and in some cases further customize based on the instructions) into your website.

If you have a deeper integration using the REST API directly, you will need to register an application on – the application record on is kind of a metaphor for your site and/or application. By creating an application, you receive an API key and an API secret which you can then use with OAuth 1.0A to make requests on behalf of your users OR you can use the key and secret to negotiate what’s called a OAuth 2 “bearer token” that represents your application (or site)'s identity to Twitter without a user context.

I can understand the confusion as the concept of an “application” has become overloaded and is a mix of seemingly “real things” and imaginary things or references to real things.


This is reality. Welcome to “new API”… All my WEB sites were dead with Twitter Live feed … So bad.


Bless you for the speedy response. And hoping this works.

Since the template developer (from a far away non-English land) told us to make an app, a bit may have been lost in translation.

The metaphor metaphor is helpful. So we’re sort of pretending to make an app - just to get the goods to drop in or pre-made twitter.php file?

Does it matter what we call it then? Or what the callback url is (since we’re not really doing a real “app”).

Thanks so much for all your help.



Ack - did everything as per developer/your instructions and got the consumer keys/token access key/token added to twitter.php. Nothing is working. What is wrong?

If ( is deprecated, what would you suggest we use in it’s place?


The widget is not nearly as nice as our sleek former API code but may be our only hope. Do you happen to know how to remove the TWEET TO bar at the bottom?

We also need to remove “TWEETS” to the left of the FOLLOW icon (top of widget) - as we already have customized buttons at the top of our page - as well as LATEST TWEETS text.


data-chrome=“nofooter” in your file where the <a class=“twitter-timeline” is

<a class=“twitter-timeline” width=“100” data-tweet-limit=“30” data-chrome=“nofooter” etc…


oh and also add noheader
data-chrome=“noheader nofooter”


@SkillsUSARI - thanks!

Added noborders too.

Any ideas how to change font color. It seems as though “dark” default is white.

Also re the customer keys/ token access issues? Just in case this route doesn’t take us when we need to go…


I am just starting on the oAuth for an iOS App. Taking some time as it seems iOS SDK doesn’t have an easy conversion to base 64.

I don’t even know where to start with HTML for a website I think the widget is your best bet.


Thanks again. We got our widget to look sort of okay.

Apparently there’s a twitter.php add-on that you input all the crazy and secret access tokens - and the feed code calls that up. Ours isn’t working though. Good luck on all fronts …


any way someone can help me get this working again?

i posted on stack overflow

For the past few months I’ve been working on drones and completely forgot about this deprecation! I would really appreciate if someone can help me set this straight.


@mmaTAKEDOWNgame - eek gads, sorry. We have a similar issue, will post if we hear from our developer today.

Re widget customization - does anyone know why “SHOW SUMMARY” appears in the second post and not the first?



I’m working on an Adobe DPS publication with an embedded Twitter feed in every issue which no longer works with the new API (now all are broken in the back issues).

I tried to embed a widget which works when I test it on the desktop but when I test it on an iPad the only thing that shows up is “tweets from xxx” text. No feed.

Adobe seems aware of this but has not provided a solution.

Do you provide any support for Adobe DPS apps development? Most people that work on these are not developers so we’re stuck.


Never mind. I found it!


@BobbyRLawrence Awesome! We ended up changing the code a hair (look at our index page and swipe) - but had to reroute to a new php page that we made to call up the Oauth. We decided to just use the widget on the back pages because we liked the way it looked. It hasn’t been copied throughout yet - but soon.


Does anyone know if there has been another code update? Our twitter feed stopped feeding our website this morning. Thanks.


There’s a good chance this post will answer your question: now requires SSL/TLS for all connections as of January 14th, 2014.
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