"Tweet" event not working in Internet Explorer


I have a problem with tweet button event (Internet Explorer only, works great with other). After “tweet” in the pop-up window it should send a form on the main page, but it seems that IE (tested only on IE 8) doesn’t recognize this function at all (whether it’s a problem with child window event listening, browser code recognition or something else). Any ideas, alternative moves, fixes?

twttr.events.bind('tweet', function(event) {    


I have the same problem. All I’m trying to do right now is:

twttr.events.bind('tweet', function(event) { console.log('Tweeted'); });


Thanks for the report, I’ve filed https://dev.twitter.com/issues/88


Hey @RobinPoint, @py

To help debug this issue, can you confirm that you have Flash player installed+enabled (we use Flash as a communication shim in some versions of Internet Explorer). Also, can you verify that your HTML documents have a DOCTYPE set (without it, IE8 can behave strangely), even a:

might help solve this problem. Let us know! thanks


Flash player is enabled ( version, the newest). DOCTYPE is also fine.

Apparently IE doesn’t recognize twttr.events.bind at all.
P.S. By the way, is it a special case (for some users only) or it’s a problem for all the IE users?


The Javascript Events are currently supported in IE,6,7,8,9. The events should be firing. Have you been able to get the event (tweet, or fav, or follow) on a simple test page? Are any errors being reported by IE? If you have a sample page you could share as well, we can try to help debug the issue at hand.

Let us know!


Finally, it’s working. Thanks for the help. Apparently the problem was in DOCTYPE after all. There was a line of code before it (while DOCTYPE is usually supposed to be the first line in the document). Other browsers didn’t count that as an exclusion and worked fine, but IE seems to be really caring about the right order of document main attributes.
Anyway, the problem is solved, thanks again.


Excellent! Yeah, IE can be pretty picky about the doctype, glad you were able to sort out the problem. Let us know if you see any other weird problems.



I’ve having a problem in IE8 with this. It just doesn’t seem to recognise the tweet event. IE9 absolutely fine. I’ve tried it on it’s own (nothing else on page) and with valid doctype. Any other suggestions on what to check?

Scrub that… flash wasn’t updated (was testing on old xp VM).



I’m having issue with the tweet event in IE too. Tested both IE8 and IE 9. It is not being fired. Doctype is declared. Anyone figured out to fix this issue? Is this twitter issue?


@py: Hi, were you able to fixed it? Im having the same issue here.


Hi @chanian, As you said the javascripts are supported in IE 6,7,8,9. I have this snippet of code below, it has a doc type, but i don’t see an alert message that popup. Posting to twitter is fine excepts the alert message. The tweet event is not fired in IE.



I’m also having this issue. I’ve tried various Doctypes but have no success. Any ideas as to what else might be causing this?


did you ever manage to resolve this issue?


Same issue here with IE7/8.


we got the same issue


No, so i just leave it then. I have no more time for it.


My twitter tweet button isn’t working, nor can I reply or do anything.was fine but not now.Am using internet explorer 10, fine on phone. On laptop tried google chrome and works on there…any ideas, and I have no idea what or that stuff above you are doing so please explain to me if you can in simple terms…thankyou


ok so i am having the same issue, although, i am not good with any of this computer stuff … But i need help haha, any volunteers? any to walk me through it?


Same issue here with IE7/8/9.