Tweet event not firing when "Tweet" button is clicked within Tweet Web Intent


When clicking on a Tweet Button to open a Tweet Web Intent a tweet event is fired. However, clicking on the Tweet button within the Tweet Web Intent does not.

Is this the expected behaviour?

The documentation states the “…event will be triggered when the user clicks a Tweet Web Intent.”

Is it possible to confirm a tweet in the Javascript API?

As of November 20 the tweet event fires when a viewer clicks or taps the Tweet web intent link on your page. There is no event triggered from a possible web intent child window.


@niall Are there any suggested alternatives for reacting after a user has tweeted a message using a Tweet Web Intent?


Hi Reynaldo,

As explained in the post, there aren’t ways for us to communicate action completion (and certainly not the result of the action) from outside the web context, which is a significant number of interactions. (It was also the case that the communication API we need to use to do this just on the doesn’t work in some browsers such as Chrome for iOS.)


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