Tweet Engagements Campaign stopped spending after Midnight



Hi Twitter Community and Staff,

We created a normal campaign via the Ads API with the following elements and it stopped spending after midnight 08-06-2015:

Objective: Tweet Engagements
Time Zone: PST
Start Date: 08-05-2015 2:03 PM
End Date: 08-06-2015 9:55 PM
Daily Bid: 170
Lifetime Budget: 340

1 Tweet Selected to Promote

Location: Chicago, IL, US
Gender: Any
Bid: Automatic

The account_id is 18ce53uprnu
The campaign_id is 4806714

The campaign is active and it looks like there are no issues and no reasons that the campaign is un-servable. Can you please advise?!


Just FYI for others who have had this issue:

For new accounts, you need to make sure that you have enough credit to spend in new campaigns. There is typically a weekly Credit Limit for new accounts for $1000. If you cross that limit, all campaigns in that account stop spending. The limit is shown below:

When this happens, you need to:
a) pay off your bill immediately
b) reach Twitter Help or Live Chat Support and request an increase in the credit limit.