Tweet display in apps


Hi Twitter Dev Team,

Firstly, hope you’re having a great day I’ve got a question about displaying tweets in an application. I’m working on a new feature that allows users to reply to mentions of their handle. To present the tweets to the user I use the standard CSS code

Then I use the twitter for websites snippet to render the tweet. All works great, however, I started to see many tweets that would just render the CSS and not use the twitter branded wrapper. After gaining a few more grey hairs I finally tracked the problem down the fact that Twitter for websites widget doesn’t render mentions from private accounts. Is there any work around for this issue? Or would making my own custom design that mimics the twitter one be the best fix?

Thanks in advance


Twitter for websites widgets do not support any private account Tweets.

The workaround is to use the Twitter API to fetch Tweets that you can be seen on a per/user basis. This is because private Tweets require authentication from who’s seeing the Tweets (so Twitter can figure out if the user fetching Tweets is followed by the private account).

Hope this helps!


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