Tweet directly from my website?


I am not sure if this is a REST question or a twitter for websites but what I am trying to accomplish is allow users to tweet something directly from my website. Essentially I want them to authenticate with twitter one time at some point (aka link your twitter account) then I will have a little box with the twitter logo in it on various parts of the website and I want people to be able to type in their and hit tweet and post directly to their linked account without having to take any other steps. Is this possible? The main thing I am wondering about is getting whatever authorization I have to so that the user only has to approve the link between the accounts not have to go to twitter and approve each tweet. Thanks for any info or pointing me to a tutorial / guide that could help me with this.


Hi Calvin, you’d need to build some functionality or widget to use Sign-in with Twitter and then post from the widget on your website. There’s some help on the Sign-in piece here and then you’ll want to use the POST statuses/update endpoint to tweet.



I am very interested in reading the article on node:9703 - but how do I access this?


apologies - broken reference to our old website, now fixed - see the POST statuses/update API.