Tweet details, from which country are people coming which retweeted or liked your tweet


is it possible to search from which country people are coming which retweeted or liked your tweet?

Is is possible to REST or any other tool?




Sure, if you already know what user retweeted or liked your tweet, their location (if available) will be in their user object: or in the geo property of their retweet.

Activity API will let you subscribe to messages whenever someone retweets or likes your tweets you’ll want tweet_create_events and favorite_events (likes)


Thanks but I am searching for all the countries for all the retweets or likes. Is that also possible instead of a single user? It is btw an old tweet of me.


For older tweets you can use to get 100 user ids of accounts that retweeted that specific tweet, otherwise retweets_of using premium search will get you all your retweets.

Likes are not available in the same way as retweets.


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