Tweet_delete_events for mentions of the account to which I'm subscribed



Is it possible to receive notifications of the deletion of tweets mentioning the account to which I’m subscribed?

For example, @JE_Gordon tweets and mentions @TweetsToText. Since I’ve subscribed to @TweetsToText account activity, I receive a call with that tweet_create_event. If @JE_Gordon then deletes his tweet, can I somehow get a call with that tweet_delete_event?

I’ve tested this scenario already, and it seems like the answer is “no”. But I wanted to confirm. The behavior I’m describing would be very helpful to my current use case.

Thank you.


The answer is indeed “no” - the API delivers events related to the subscribed account so the tweet_delete_event data object will only ever apply to Tweets “owned by” the subscribed / authenticated account.


Thanks for the confirmation. I guess I’ll need to make an extra GET request to statuses/show/:id to check on the tweet’s availability.

Thank you again for responding so quickly.