Tweet counts not working



we’ve implemented the twitter-button on a website, however it seems the counts don’t work… already checked the HTTP HEAD request (OK) and had a look at other posts in the developer forum, but still clueless why the counts stay 0.

if you have a minute - could you have a look at and check if there is anything that we missed?

thanks a lot,


We have some overall Tweet Button counting issues we’re working to improve on right now – there are a few cases for certain URLs where we’re not appropriately counting.

I do note that appears to be correct.


I am facing the same issue…& not getting any solution for this.


I am having the same issue with the tweet count: Thank you in advance for any direction on this problem.


I am getting a count ONE on a few pages; however, that is not correct and most posts are staying at zero. I have included the data-counturl coding in the tag.