Tweet count using Tiny / Short url



I have short URL of on which is

I have tweet this url many times
=> using tweet button.
=> Compose tweet from my account

But still getting Zero count what is the problem here. I am stuck on it and spend many hour on it but still Zero count.

I have a very long URL so that’s why i try this tiny URL so may be error resolved. Long URL requires much hours and days to increase tweet count, so we try this tiny URL.

Please advice



<a href="" class="twitter-share-button"
 data-lang="en" data-via="Yahoo" 
data-text="my custom title comes here..." 


I think you want to use the “data-counturl” attribute on your A tag, with the value being the long version of your URL that the tinyurl expands to.


I have also try this but count not update, what the problem here…!!!


counturl should be the URL the shortened URL redirects to, in that case