Tweet Count Button Incorrect


This ticket [0] was closed because the Search API only goes back a few days. That is true, however this video is still unrealisticly popular. There are only 200,000 views on YouTube. Your API is saying there are 2 orders of magnitude more tweets than views (Usually it is the other way around).

Also you’re saying that this obscure video has 2 orders of magnitude more tweets than this video (one of the most shared of all time)



There are other, more up to date issues, that address counting issues across the Tweet Button as a whole. Do you have a more recent example that is not this particular URL but something created within the last few weeks?


Yes, here are a few more examples 37,826,554 15,185,478 12,992,077 3,139,014


Are you using these end points for any other purpose than the Tweet Button? They aren’t meant/allowed for any other use, FYI. For what purpose are you monitoring the counts on arbitrary YouTube videos?

I suppose it is possible some of these were gamed with now-closed or suspended accounts, but like I said there are some overall counting issues being looked into right now as well.

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