Tweet Cards: quotation marks visual problem


Hello, I have a problem with the quotes. Each time they appear in a title, it automatically adds a backslash (\)
Here’s a preview of what I’m talking about:
Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?



I see this in your page:

<meta name="twitter:title" content="Susana Gim&amp;eacute;nez asegur&amp;oacute; que ve a Macri \&amp;amp;quot;como un patriota\&amp;amp;quot;"/>

So it looks like the backslashes are being included in the content of the title tag by your page, not automatically added by Twitter.


Thnks Andy!
I see your point, but that’s weird: if you see the original note, the backslashes aren’t there:


That was the exact page I took that markup from - I just checked again, and that’s what I see in that page.


Oh, ok, so there must be some problem with the code in my site, that add backslashes when I have quotes :confused:
Have no idea why, I’ve only add the “card code” in the header, never change the title.

Thanks again!


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