Tweet callback function?


From what i can tell the only way you can get any kind of callback functionality from tweets is to use “intents”. If you use the out of the box button creation there’s no callback capabilities. If you use the “intents” approach you have to create your own custom button…which means you don’t get the count (number of tweets).

intent click event binding‘click’, function(event) {alert(‘twitter click’);});

my question: is it true you there’s no callback functionality for the out of the box tweet buttons?

my next question: when is this functionality going to be added?


You can use Web Intents Events to track usage of the Tweet and Follow Button (in addition to the Web Intents). Just setup the event bindings the same way and they should trigger when events matching that class are triggered, regardless if they were initiated from a Web Intent or a Tweet Button/Follow Button.


Ok, yep - i can see this working in chrome and firefox but not IE (v9 is all i’ve tried). Is this a known issue or is there something i need to do for IE?


We may have a bug effecting some in IE at the moment but a fix should be shipped for that soon.


any update on when this will be fixed? it’s still not working in IE.


also, on a side note - is it possible to change the data-url when the user clicks the twitter button? specifically i want to dynamically generate a Url when they click the tweet button.


The callback event and the window closing doesn’t work on IE 8+ . Is it going to be fixed any time soon???


Also have a problem with the callback event not registering in IE (9 and compat)


hi taylor, is this fixed? can’t seem to make it work in ie


Experiencing the same in IE, tweet event is not fired.


Same issue here. Callback is broken for IE

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