Tweet button works with all browsers except Firefox


I spent hours trying to figure out why the “simple” tweet button wasn’t working on my website. I was using Firefox 8. All I got was a “tweet” link and it didn’t use the URL or text that I had specified. Finally tried it in IE9 and it worked exactly as it should have. Tried in Safari and Chrome and it works there as well (by “work”, I mean I get the nice graphic button, the count, and when I click on it, it fills in the URL and the text that I specified.)
So I upgraded Firefox to vsn 12 … still doesn’t work in Firefox. I checked that Javascript is enabled in Firefox … yes it is. I must be doing something wrong because I can’t find anything on the net about the button not working in Firefox. Help!


I had this same problem, and it drove me nuts until I narrowed it down to cookies possibly being blocked. I was running an Add-On called ‘Disconnect’ from . Once I disabled this addon and restarted the browser the Tweet button started working again.

So if you’re using that addon or any other one to block cookies or prevent you from being tracked by social networking sites, you’ll need to disable it if you want to see the tweet button.


WOW! Thanks. It wasn’t any of my add-ons causing the problem, but it WAS AVG’s “do not track feature”. I clicked on the eyeball icon at the top right of the page, and saw that it was blocking the Twitter button and allowing the Facebook button. I did a “block all” and then an “unblock all” to fix it. Now I see that cute little bluebird! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! :wink:


following button isn’t working …after @tsitou414bxv is following me…i can t even follow back my 4-5 followers!!! I try to unfollow or block @tsitou414bxv …and I can ’ t…Help


Just signed up for an account and am trying to configure the follow button on my site. It only works in IE, not Firefox or Chrome. I copied and pasted straight from the Twitter Dev site and do not have any extensions or AVG blockers.

Additionally, a script like this should not be limited so easily via user extensions or add-ons as it is impossible to determine the user experience if some work and others do not.

Is there a better script out there?


Also doesn’t work with firefox for me. have tried going back to stable version from 23.0a1 nightly build but no difference. This is the case on two different computers that I use. Tried enabling cookies for everything and restarting to no avail. The script for the tweet button really needs sorting out.


WhY is my ntwyt not working again?


It was DoNotTrackMe addon that was creating problem for me. Thank you John Caruso.