Tweet Button using shift_jis character encoding



 Please help me.. I have a problem regarding the japanese encoding and im 

using tweet button. Using shift_jis the tweet function doesnt work and
I tried to use utf-8 and it works well. The problem is our japanese data
was generated by shift_jis method…


Hi @junwarlord1, we have seen this problem reported before and it is a known issue that we are working on fixing as soon as possible. I will update this thread when the issue has been fixed!


We have pushed a fix that addresses this specific SHIFT_JS encoding issues on our end. Please let us know if you continue to have problems!

Thanks again for reporting this issue.


I still have problems with displaying tweet button on pages in Shift_JIS encoding.
Below is tweet button code.



has this been fixed? or any genius have a work around for this? I cannot change the charset of the page


This appears to be a new bug on our end, we should be sending back UTF-8 char-encoding. I’ll work to get a fix in asap, and update this thread once it is out. Check back tomorrow!


@chanian Is this fixed? lately we are seeing that the tweet button isn’t rendering on pages that are having content-type as shift_jis. It doesn’t happen in all browsers. We could reproduce it on FF7 on MAC.

Even the firebug console displays a error in widget.js



hmmm, looks like this issue came up again.
I’ll create an issue ticket for you to watch, and escalate it.

thanks for your patience, and sorry about this!


And the ticket to watch:


Thanks @chanian


Hey guys. We released a fix for this issue last night. Thanks for your patience!

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