Tweet button too narrow


It seems that since yesterday something changed in the tweet button, and now it is cut off too early when no tweet counter is hidden.

My anchor looks like this:

Apparently the reason is that, the iframe created by the javascript snippet has width of 52px where it should have 58px to look properly.

Anybody else has this problem and knows how to solve it? Or should I just wait until the API gets fixed?


Hi Marcin,

Could you give a bit more detail? Such as: Which browser you’re viewing it in? Also, a link to the actual page where it’s deployed would be handy.

Looking at other buttons on the internet right now it doesn’t seem to be an issue, and we didn’t deploy yesterday so nothing’s changed. However, this is the web, and it’s big and diverse and full of variables, so if you can give us a bit more to work with I’ll try to reproduce it and improve our sizing algorithm.


It seems to be fixed now, since topic was created on friday I was out of office and didn’t have time to respond sorry :frowning: