Tweet button shows 0


Just recently the twitter button has started showing 0 for new posts. Check out for an example. has been tweeted many times but still remains 0.




So how do you fix it ?
I’ve the same problem on my website, the count stay at 0 even if there are Tweets…

exemple :

Thanks for you help !


IT automatically fixed itself on my site.


Is this something related to twitter itself? I’m facing the same problem from month ago and I don’t know how to fix it.


I have this problem for several weeks … I tried various ways to integrate the button but it does not work.


I’ve been experiencing this same problem with my website.


Has anyone found a fix for this issue?


Hi @footpixel,

I took a look at your site and I see that the counter notes three tweets at that URL ( – clicking through to Twitter search I see that there are three recent tweets mentioning that same URL. The counts can remain cached for some time (they’re not instantaneous). How long have you had the Tweet Button integration on this site?

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